Where do the raw materials sold at the Flash Sale come from?

All materials sold via the flash sale originate from manufacturing facilities and raw materials suppliers. The products we source and sell on are materials that are left over from the production of a fashion brand order. The reason for the leftover is over-orders or the build-up of leftover stock over a few production runs.

Are all materials sold sustainable? 

We cannot guarantee of the provenance of all materials sourced. But by not allowing the deadstock to be destroyed and left to rot, we contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry and help create a greater circularity of materials within the fashion eco-system.

What is the return policy? Can I return what I bought? 

Unfortunately, you cannot return what you bought. All sales are final. 

Why are returns not allowed?

We know it is hard to buy materials without seeing and touching them, but the nature of the materials we sell is not the traditional retail model. Selling off the leftover products is not a business model for our suppliers and therefore they cannot deal with buy and sell activities. As such, we make a great effort to describe the products we sell as best as possible to allow you to get a feel for the product without being able to touch it. We work with reputable suppliers and manufacturers who work with small to medium sized designer brands and as such the starting point for the products we source and offer for sale if very high.

How can I buy more of the same product if I wanted more? 

Wherever possible we will endeavour to let our buyers know what the original source of a product is, so that you can perhaps contact the original source and discover how to buy more. However, please note this is not always possible. 

How is the price calculated? You say the products are up to 90% off market price – how can this be?

The price at which you buy the product from us is calculated based on the price our suppliers sell to us at, plus digital platform commission and tax. The discount is calculated based on a comparison made with what this same product will cost if bought on the market for the same quantity as the one you are able to buy from myfactori.

How soon will I get my purchase after buying it?

All purchases are processed and shipped once the flash sale is over. Products are shipped within 5 working days after the end of the flash sale and depending on the shipping service you chose; orders are delivered within 48hrs to 7 days from the shipping date.

How do I know if my product was shipped and how to track it? 

Once the goods you purchased are shipped, you will be notified by email and given a tracking number. If you have any queries, you can also contact us at support@myfactori.com.

What countries do you deliver to? What if I reside outside this range? 

For now, we only deliver within the EU, USA and Canada. If you reside outside these countries and still wish to use our platform, please contact us by email at support@myfactori.com, and we will endeavour to assist you.

Are the leathers being sold suitable to make shoes?

The leathers sold vary and it is best that you look on the individual listing and read the suggested use section.