"I've just received my leathers, they look amazing! I'm using them to make a limited edition bag collection for my online shop"
- Chris, UK
"Can't wait to start working with my new materials... I was struggling to find quality leathers with no MOQs, now I know where to go"
- Anja, Germany
"At the start I had doubts buying leather online without seeing it first, but I decided to take a risk... and I'm glad I did it!"
- Mateo, Spain
We work with trusted European suppliers to help you source the best materials at great prices for your fashion collections & creative projects
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Platform for fashion brands & creatives to buy surplus materials easily
Access top quality European materials

Buy quality surplus leather, cotton, wool, silk, zips, buttons & more from carefully selected and trusted European suppliers

Get great offers you won't find anywhere else

Source materials at great prices up to 90% OFF and no MOQs (no minimum order quantities)

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How it works?
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Join our community

Sign up to our waitlist to become part of our community.

Let us know which materials you are interested in - fabrics, leathers, trims, etc. This will help us to personalise the flash sale alerts to your specific interest.

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Get access to flash sale events

We work with European material suppliers & finished goods manufacturers who have surplus materials to sell.

We organise online flash sale events where you can buy their surplus with no minimums and at great prices.

You'll get exclusive access to flash sales and we'll keep you notified about upcoming events.

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Buy with up to 90% OFF & no MOQs

Buy materials during our online flash sale events, and we'll ship them to you.

We bring you very exclusive deals at low prices and no minimum order commitments.

You won't be able to find better prices for the quality you get.

What is surplus?
What is surplus material?

Surplus materials are textiles, leathers or other materials that are sitting around unused in warehouses as leftovers. For example, a manufacturer might have leftover fabrics from producing a client's order or a fashion brand might have surplus leather from the collection that didn't sell well.

Surplus vs. deadstock

Surplus materials are also known as deadstock, overstock, leftovers, excess materials - they all mean the same thing.

Why use surplus materials?
Make more money
Deadstock fabrics, leathers and other overstock materials cost less money

Usually, surplus materials are sold below their wholesale price with discounts up to 90% OFF. You can find excellent quality luxury materials at very low prices that can help to increase your final product profit margin. This means you can make more money by using deadstock.

Save the planet
Turn waste materials into beautiful products and profit

Often unused surplus materials are disposed to landfills. We must find ways how deadstock could be reused to create new beautiful products instead of being wasted.

Be unique
Create limited edition collections using deadstock

Customers are looking for unique products. Deadstock materials come in various quantities, this means there are no MOQs (no minimum order quantities), and you can purchase them in small amounts. This is great when you want to create something unique.

Why join our community?
Best prices & no MOQs

We help you find quality materials at great prices & no MOQs

We know that for a small brand to find quality materials at affordable prices and no MOQs (minimum order quantities) is hard.

Why there are no MOQs?

We source surplus (deadstock) materials from our network of suppliers across Europe. Deadstock fabrics, leathers and other materials come in a variety of different quantities. They cost less and are more accessible to smalls brands and creatives.

Quality guarantee

We work with top European suppliers to give you exclusive access to their surplus stock

We work with top European fabric mills, leather tanneries, manufacturers to give you exclusive access to their deadstock materials.

We want to help you find top quality fabrics, leather, trims, zips, buttons & more at the wholesale prices (often even less).

Sustainable fashion

We want to help you to profit with a purpose

We want to save surplus materials that otherwise would go to landfills or stay unused for years.

By enabling you to discover and purchase deadstock materials easier, we are improving material circularity. Instead of creating new materials, we are helping you to reuse what's already there.

Our mission - we want you profit with a purpose

We are a team of fashion tech enthusiasts who decided to change the way the fashion industry works. We are starting from saving deadstock materials and finding new ways to reuse them.

We want to make it easier for you to discover and reuse deadstock materials. We want to help you find beautiful silk, leather, wool, cotton & more that otherwise would go to waste.

We believe that you can profit without harming the planet by reusing the materials that are already there. Often, surplus materials cost a fraction of their original price. This means more money to you and fewer resources wasted - better for the environment.

Get your free leather guide

Like much in the fashion industry – key information is not so easy to come by – so here is why we lift the veil on some of the basics to make your creative journey easier.

In this guide you will learn 10 key things you need to know before buying leather for your fashion products or creative projects.